Beaches to visit in Acapulco, Guerrero (Mexico)


Together with Acapulco’s nightlife, the best beaches in Acapulco are just among the most popular destinations in this Mexican resort community. Some basic ideas for spending the day at the beach in Mexico are:

  • wear a lot of sunblock
  • the waves are typically harsh so beware when swimming or surfing, as well as
  • always keep an eye on your possessions when getting on the coastline.

CARE: Remain with your kids at all times when they get in the water.

There are no lifeguards, as well as the waves, as well as currents can be harmful!

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What are the best beaches in Acapulco? 

Acapulco has a few of the most effective coastlines in Mexico, perhaps some of the best worldwide. From Caleta to Pie de la Cuesta, Puerto Marques, the Golden Zone, as well as Diamante, there are loads of fantastic beaches to choose from, each with a distinct character.

Except for peripheral beaches towards the east and west of the city, like the lower Revolcadero, Acapulco additionally uses wonderful surfing. However, it is always the best area to sunbathe, use the beach, play, ride a jet ski, drink, eat, sail, swim, and fish.

What are among the loveliest beaches in Acapulco?

Coastline enthusiasts will be happy with the numerous Acapulco beaches are perfect for every kind of water sporting activity, as well as coastline game.

Among the most preferred coastlines are the Golden Zone or El Dorado, where you will find Playa Condensa and Playa Icacos, which provide excellent swimming, as well as beachside solutions.

Other metropolitan coastlines include Caletilla and Playa Caleta, where you are going to find snorkeling surrounding Isla de la Roqueta, as well as internet users will enjoy Playa Revolcadero due to the constant waves breaking on the coastline.