Can I go hunting on Utah state land?

Can I go hunting on Utah state land?

If you want to go hunting on state land, Utah is one of the greatest places to visit in the United places. Utah has tens of millions of acres, the majority of which are open to the public (about 75 percent).

The state does not have full control over all of this. Utah state government owns and oversees little over 10% of all Utah’s protected territory. The United States Department of the Interior is responsible for the administration of the remaining 65% of public land. Maintenance and preservation efforts for the vast bulk of the state’s land are the responsibility of the Department of the Interior and the agency it controls, the Bureau of Land Management.

Those who live in Utah and have a valid hunting licence and permission may hunt just about everywhere. Of course, there are a lot of limits on what may be hunted, where it can be hunted, how the state decides who gets to hunt what, and how many different species can be monitored at once.

Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources updates its hunting and fishing guides annually. These publications discuss the legislation, licences required, and other useful information on hunting techniques to aid hunters in pursuing animals in a responsible way and avoiding legal complications.

Possibility of Acquiring Public Lands

Within Utah, many counties and other units of government have been established. Each species of wild animal has a certain number of licences, also known as tags, accessible in each region for the purpose of protecting such populations. For hunting in utah you need to be specific about these matters.

The Division of Wildlife Resources sets the annual limit on the number of tags that may be bought. These tags are distributed in the summer before each hunting season using a lottery system.

If you have the right permissions and permits, hunting is legal from September through late November. Private property hunting regulations during these times of year might vary widely. If you have a permit that only allows you to hunt on private property, but you shoot a deer in a public park, you might be prosecuted with poaching since you killed an animal in a no-kill zone.

Before heading out on a hunting trip, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the regulations and a precise strategy for the locations you want to hunt in. You must be informed of the limits of the state in which you are permitted to hunt. Government officials are unlikely to accept your explanations for being unaware of these limits.

Using private property for hunting purposes

Hunting is legal in Utah on both public and private property, however if you want to pursue a certain species on private land, you’ll need permission from the owner.

Many private landowners see an influx of wildlife during hunting season due to the migratory habits of various game species. Meanwhile, individuals that hunt on open territory have a hard time tracking along established paths.

For the purpose of halting the migration of game animals from public to private lands, the state of Utah issues licences to hunters who have the approval of landowners to track and kill game animals on private property.


To some, it may seem unfair that the state gets to determine the outcome of hunting that takes place on private property, but from the government’s point of view, landowners do not have any legal claim to the wildlife that resides on their land. This requires a granular level of approval.