How Do Parents need To Prepare For Family Photo Session With Grumpy Children?


Family photos are actually timeless and a memento for future generations. Getting family together is a chaotic task. Fortunately, you are on a family vacation in Destin Florida. It is the best time to book a family photography session.

Preparation & Booking

The location for the family shoot matters because it influences the type of outfits and photos you want. Before booking family photo shoot sessions consider the following questions.

  • What theme do you have in mind?

If you wish for a specific backdrop or an aesthetic structure will be fine then look around if it will work with the theme you have in mind. Check for spots that fulfill your needs. Drive around the city to get inspired. There are chances, some striking photo shoot locations got overlooked.

Undoubtedly, Destin has a spectacular natural backdrop with the Emerald Coast, greenery, and lots of sand and water in the background, so approach Destin Florida photographer at Sutton Photography Studio. You can ask her about the best location for your family shoot.

  • Is it allowed to take photos at a specific location?

Ensure that taking photographs is legal in the chosen location. If it is not a public property then you will need the permission of the property owner.

  • Is the location easily accessible?

Even if every outdoor photo shoot location is available all year round but your hotel is situated far away then reaching it with the family is an issue. Another thing to consider is the safety of the location. Photography on a mountain ledge sounds neat but taking photographs with kids may not be a good idea.

  • Is the location distance comfortable to walk to?

If the location is not within a walkable distance then changing clothes, hair & makeup touchup before the shoot will be an issue. Find if there is a washroom nearby if needed.

  • Is the location a public place?

If the chosen location is a public place with lots of traffic then are you prepared to get photographed before strangers? You can rethink your location choice and go for a quiet, serene site.

Ensure to choose a location that isn’t a distraction and there is a shelter close by if needed. The chosen location for family photography must convey a story, so choose a meaningful site.

Popular photography locations in Destin are Harbor Walk, Henderson Beach State Park, Cerulean Park, Baytowne Wharf, Rosemary Beach, and Grayton Beach State Park.

Photographs don’t just get taken, you create them. It becomes messy for parents when the family has grumpy kids. Every parent has experienced that taking photos with kids is a crappy session, especially when the children are quiet and well-behaved.

If kids are running around, nose-picking, and always fighting, parents will always have to apologize. Here are some tips from experienced parents titled ‘photo hooligans’ yet got some great photos with cranky children.

Expert tips for parents to endure a successful family photo session with grumpy kids

  • Allow kids to be kids

The photo needs to capture the children’s souls along with their smiles. Photographers can tell you that kids who are repositioned consistently and told to smile in a specific way or sit still have a hard time with photo shoots. The photographer can capture your children’s personalities naturally with their artistry. Allow the photographer to do their thing!

  • Boost photo wardrobe game

Choose a theme around your younger kid’s outfit. Go bold with design or color for him/her. From their attire choose a couple of mutated colors for the remaining family. Add accessories including necklaces and hair bows for girls and bow ties, suspenders, or newsboy caps for the boys.

  • Choose the proper shooting time

Nature’s lighting is the best for capturing great natural photographs. You may choose a beach location for a sunset photo shoot because awakening the children and getting them all dressed for a morning session may not be a great idea.

Afternoon sessions will cause funky shadows in the photos because of the harsh lighting overhead. If the weather forecast is for a cloudy afternoon then it is the best opportunity. Ensure that the kids are well-rested and have their meals before getting dressed for the photo shoot.

  • Choose a family photographer

Family photographers are experienced and have a way of working around kids. They understand the sanity level that is needed when around kids. A misbehaving child’s behavior will not bother her, which will make the parents feel relaxed. Therefore, always choose a photographer who has worked around kids or is a parent.

  • Be open to all kinds of photos

Allow the photographer to take photos of the kids running, fighting, nose-picking, or in tears. Those may not end up creating holiday cards but will make everyone laugh when they travel down memory lane. Some improper pictures from outdoor photo shoots tell the best story!

  • Parents with babies

If you have babies then ensure to come prepared for the family photo shoot. Bring diaper bags because you will not just need fresh diapers, but even reach out for a pacifier, headband, wipes, or favorite toy.

A small feeding before 30 minutes of the session will keep the baby’s tummy happy and give a good smile. With an infant, there is also a need for extra clothes just in case. Carry some kiddo’s favorite juice or snacks to bribe them for some more photos. Having something to eat can work as a needed distraction.

  • Preparing older children

Older children can be worked with in advance to frame a positive photo-shoot experience. Tell them the name of the photographer, show them the photos captured by the photographer, and share with them the length of a photo shoot at the location as well as tell them what will occur when they are there.

Discuss a treat after the photo shoot. Some parents remind their kids about the ice cream or pizza treat, during the shoot. Bribery is a great way to keep children focused. Just like toddlers and babies ensure that your children had a full meal. Carry some snacks and drinks in case of delays in the photo shoot.

All the best for a beautiful family photo session in Destin Florida!