How Much Does It Really Cost To Visit Bhutan? 


Are you looking forward to getting Bhutan tour packages Singapore? It is vital, in my opinion, to briefly discuss Bhutan’s tourism strategy before going into the intricacies of how much you pay and where your money goes. It is a tiny, Buddhist nation of about 800,000 inhabitants located in the Himalayas. Bhutan has a reputation for being challenging to reach, and there is a persistent misconception that the government only issues a set number of tourist visas each year.

That is a fiction, as I previously explained, and anyone who is ready to pay the daily cost can enter Bhutan (more on that in a minute). Bhutan’s tourism policy is ’High Value, Low Impact’ which means they want visitors to have the finest trip possible while also respecting the country’s ecology and culture. What is the most effective approach to do that? Make the people pay, then. 

What Is The Cost Of Visiting Bhutan? 

The price of Bhutan travel Singapore trip in high season (March, April, May, September, October, and November) is $250 per person per day. Unfortunately, you will need to spend an additional $40 per day if you are traveling alone, increasing your daily cost to $290.

Bhutan is $200 per person per day in the low season (December, January, February, June, July, and August), though a single traveller is still subject to a $40 fee.

If you are travelling with children, there are a few discounts for youngsters and students that are worth looking into (and if you are a full-time student under 25, you get 25% off the daily charge).

And what precisely do you get for your money? I completely realise that spending $200–$290 per day could seem exorbitant, particularly if you are planning a low-cost vacation. Additionally, I thought that pricing was absurd before seeing Bhutan. I still need to pay for accommodation, meals, and other expenses with all that money per day.

But there, I was completely mistaken. In actuality, everything is included in your daily cost, so once you get to the nation, you have to pay nothing. 

Things To Know Of When Traveling To Bhutan 

Do you wonder what do I need to know before going to Bhutan? Please be aware that booking your private trip before traveling to Bhutan requires full payment from the company before receiving your visa. Although it may sound a little shady, the government rigorously supervises each tour operator to make sure they adhere to stringent regulations about how to handle tourists. You may not have heard of any issues with this. You must reserve your tour through a recognised tour operator.

To reiterate: the initial payment covers absolutely everything you could possibly need while in the nation, and you receive your own guide who designs a unique program for you and takes care of everything you have requested, including hiking, bird watching, cultural excursions, and so on. If I were in pretty much any developed country in the world, I cannot imagine that this would only cost $200 a day; for instance, imagine visiting London and getting your three-star hotel, all meals, all admission fees to attractions, all (private) transportation, and a private guide to show you around the city for under £140.

To Sum It Up 

However, the money you are paying goes beyond just meeting your own expenses. Your daily charge includes a royalty fee of $65 that supports Bhutan’s infrastructure by funding things like education, healthcare, repairs, and more. By paying your daily fee, you are also helping to maintain the nation’s peace, health, and cleanliness. It is difficult to contest that.