How to Be More Sustainable Throughout the Holidays


Holidays are a time for giving but can also be a time for wasting. Because traveling, such as from Fernie to Calgary, is a common practice during this time, exercising sustainability is crucial if you want to keep protecting the planet.

Whether you are returning home to see family and friends or planning a full-fledged holiday excursion, there’s always the potential to make your upcoming holidays and travels more environmentally friendly.

With a few simple tips, you can make your holiday greener.

  • If you are having a Christmas dinner, ask your guests to bring reusable dishes and glasses. It is also a good idea to compost leftovers. You can even plant a tree to symbolize the value of nature.
  • If you are hosting a party, try to purchase local and organic ingredients. This will help offset your carbon footprint. When buying gifts, use recycled and eco-friendly packaging. And if you are mailing them, use a reusable gift bag and recyclable or biodegradable paper for wrapping.
  • Choose an eco-friendly accommodation. A green-certified and sustainable hotel is an excellent place to stay. Such a place usually helps save energy, space, and resources.
  • Another simple way to be more sustainable during the holiday is to avoid plastics and single-use products. Plenty of reusable items are available, such as coffee cups and packing peanuts. In addition, you can make your decorations, such as outdoor greens, berries, and popcorn.
  • When shopping for a Christmas tree, look for a local program that can turn your tree into mulch. You can then reuse it each year. Some companies even offer minimal plastic packaging.
  • Buying locally is also essential to be more sustainable during the holidays. Not only will it support local businesses, but it will also offset your carbon footprint. If you have to send gifts by mail, choose packages that are plastic-free and make your wrappings. Instead of sending greeting cards, consider virtual cards. Similarly, choose eco-friendly products with a low carbon footprint when you shop online.

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