How to Spend a Good Vacation in Marbella?


Marbella is a very beautiful city situated on the south coast of Spain in the region of Andalusia. This is approx 60 km away from the southwestern part of Malaga and 257 km from the east of Seville. The town is very popular among tourists mainly because of the Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and lots of luxury resorts and hotels. It is very unique as a tourist spot and is also counted amongst the most highly visited cities in Spain. If you want to know how you can spend a good vacation here, read below:

  • Explore the old town of Marbella

Any Marbella trip remains incomplete until you explore the Old Town Marbella. This is also called Casco Antiguo. It is just a part of traditional Spain where you will find red tile roofs, winding streets, and white-washed buildings.

  • Go on a food tour

If you’re someone who enjoys food, Marbella will not disappoint you for sure. Be it the conventional Spanish dishes or seafood, you’ll find everything in Marbella. One of the best ways in which you can take a good tour of this city is by planning which shops you want to visit. Some major highlights of a food tour in this city are tasting authentic Spanish gazpacho, trying samples of fresh seafood, and also trying out the churros.

  • Try golfing

This town in Spain is no less than heaven for golfers. There are more than 20 gold courses and you can choose from various options. If you want to take a short trip when you’re in the city, there are so many options to go for regardless of whether you’re an experienced golfer or a beginner.

  • Take a sunbath on the beach

Marbella has a lot of beaches to offer. If you’re visiting this town in Spain, you must not forget to sunbathe on the beach.

Almost 800,000 tourists visit here every year and they are from various parts of the world. People mainly come here to enjoy the Mediterranean environment and sunny climate. If you’re visiting Marbella, you can also visit the nearby places with the Malaga airport transfer services.